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The only robot that extract articles from Expired domains to rebuild a website content in minutes with with the click of a button. Software will let you publish unique content to unlimited wordpress blogs and create your unique PBN

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  • Crawler and Archive
  • Content and Image Transformation
  • Unlimited WP Uploads
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  • Web Crawler and Archive
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3 Steps Automation to fill up your network of blogs

Scrape Articles (3 tools available) + Mass Transformation (articles and images) + Automatic Import option to wordpress

  • Scrape Any Website from

    Find dropped websites with fresh content and start building websites within minutes

  • Mass content edition and Media Transformation -

    Scrape and Modify the content of the articles found in Step 1. Transform also the images, edit size, add thumbnails and filter so they look unique. Automation at its best!

  • Upload CONTENT to your WP Sites

    All working in automatic, upload all articles to unlimited sites you own with the click of a button. You can choose categories to post to, and schedule article posting

WP Content Bot: Your own source of original content

WP Content Bot Features:

  • Archive Site Rebuilder Import expired articles to any of your sites
  • Copy a site within minutes Get a whole site, modify text or languages and import it inmediately anywhere you want
  • Build a PBN in a few hours Expired domains and quality articles to reach organic traffic and rankings in 2017
  • Content Transformation Mass edit your content, spin it, translate it, and make it look original with just one click.
  • Image Transformation Amazing addon to edit all the images of a website in bulk, add watermarks, edit resolution, so Google see them as fresh new images with your own logo
  • Fresh content for all your blogs Upload unlimited articles to your blogs with the click of a bottom
  • Easy to use You don't need proxies or any other tool to run WP Content Bot

How does WP Content Bot will help you?


Read and Save articles from any website

You ever dreamed with downloading all articles from any website. Now, anyone can do it with WP Content Bot.

Scrape any website

Looking for unique content for your PBN? Check dropped domains until you find websites with unique content not used anymore anywhere and upload them to your own sites.

With this tool, you can replicate a website in seconds or you can get all the articles that ever existed for an specific domain.

The results are ordered in the articles tab, with the list of articles saved along with its word number, so you can use them later, sell them or do anything you desire.

STEP 1 - Articles Scraping

2. Content Transformation

Spin all articles and upload them as fresh content

One of the coolest additions to this new version of WP Content Bot. If you need to scrape a website that is indexed, you should not replicate it. Instead of that, you could spin the content using any of the Professional Spinning Tools in the market (The Best Spinner, Spin Rewriter, etc..)

Translate the content to another language

If you run a PBN in another language, you can scrape and import all articles of a competitor website in your own language.

Images will be imported as well, and you can mass transform them to make them look unique.

3. Image Transformation

As well as we did content transformation, we thought about editing and updating the images with a twist, so Google and Bing will see them as fresh new content. Now you could replicate a viral website in minutes, and start ranking in Google and Google Images.

  • Resize all the images according to your theme
  • Add watermarks
  • Flip them and edit the gray palatte
  • You can also decrease the quality of the images, so the size gets modified as well.

Step 3 - List of Articles to Upload

4. Import content to WordPress

All the articles scraped and transformed in phase 1 and 2, are now ready to be upload to any wordpress site.

Include your WP user and password (unlimited sites)

Select desired wordpress

Select desired category (in bulk or specific for any article)

You can import all content to 1 single blog, or to many of them.

Now you can rinse and repeat with the next expired domain or any other content you want to import to your network of blogs.

Welcome to the future of SEO, smart automation for 2017 success!

1 Time Payment Offer Now Only $127

Limited Time Offer before price goes up

Limited Time Offer

  • Pull any article from any website
  • Scrape websites in
  • Spin the articles to look unique
  • Translate content to any language
  • Transform the images to look uniques
  • Mass image edition & Watermarks
  • Upload content to unlimited WP Sites
  • One time payment & Free Updates

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Are you unsure this tool is the program you are looking for? Give it a try and let the tool speak for itself. If WP Content Bot does not meet your requirements, we will make you a full 100% refund, no question asked.

NOTHING could be more fair than that!

Some common questions our customers ask

Will I receive updates?

Yes, we are constantly adding new featured and updates are released on a weekly basis. You will be nofify of the new enhancements and features added to WP Content Bot

Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! No question asked. Try to software for yourself during 7 days. If you are not amaze by the result and see the huge potential, you will get your money back. Just drop us a line.

Is it safe to use WP Content Bot?

WP Content Bot is just a tool that. Use it in a smart way. if you just copy content from other website, you will not get far. WP Content Bot helps every day good professionals and agencies to achieve better rankings and results.

What is the advantage of using it?

WP Content Bot helps you accelarate web creation and update, automate posting and create PBN on the spot. It can do the work of 1 or 2 people within minutes and safe you a lot of time and money.

Nicolás Marin

Best tool I have found to automate my content and builds websites in my niche

Nicolás Marin

My rankings are getting better and better since I use a PBN. Thanks WPCB for making it easy to build them up in a record time. I can’t imagine how much money i have saved thanks to WPCB

Sergio Freelancer
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • One time payment & Free Updates forever
  • Price will go up with new features and enhancements

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$127 One Time Payment Offer

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